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Pan Card Status

Pan card or a permanent account number is a vitally essential document to be held by any person coming under the ranges of Indian income tax. The pan card acts as a personal identification number to all Indians paying income tax. Issued by the Indian income tax department the code printed on pan card is a combination of alphabets and numerals. It is also recognised by the Central Board for Direct Taxes. The pan number stands equivalent to the national identification number to all the citizens of India.

A pan card can be applied online as well at the local pan card offices. However do check in your pan card status before applying as its generated once in a lifetime. You can find out your pancard status India on web or at pan card offices, by entering in the receipt number or your name. Well you can apply for a new pan card with better features as well, carrying the older pan number. New pancard status can also be checked online. Online pancard status in both the cases is quite reliable. Pancard status India is meant for all Indian citizens. Know your pan card status manually or through online pancard status recovery and then only apply for new pancard status. There are various web sites and applications that help you on online pancard status check and new pancard status check. Any one from any part of the world can check their pan card status in the above said ways. Online pancard status check, new pancard status check or a simple pan card status check all the three involve the same procedure and require the same details, i.e. Receipt number or your name. All come under pancard status India. Your new pancard status, online pancard status, pan card status or precisely the pancard status India does not get affected by any address changes. Pancard status India however encloses the details of Indian pan card holders. It does not cover the NRI's.

In case you have not applied for a pan card yet then do this today itself, as the pan card is also an important identification proof. You do not need to do much in order to get a pan card, just fill up the pan card form and enclose your age and any present identity proof with it. Charges for the PAN are very nominal.

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