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The facility of online pan card status tracking has literally transformed the entire process of PAN card application into an effective and simplified option to follow. Applicants willing to get online status of pan card number issuance are suggested to follow step by step process and avail the details like the stage at which an application is and whether one would get a card or not. The very first step for that purpose is to log into the official website and fill in the required details minutely for the information sought. Additional steps are as follows:-

  • Put the details like type of PAN card application submitted
  • Mention the application number and registration number
  • Coupon number too should be mentioned in it  
  • Name of applicant with exact spelling mentioned in the form
  • Click “tracking PAN card” button for the instant status enquiry  

Above mentioned steps are enough to process for the online pan card status checking for which an applicant can process from anywhere from whether it is an office or the home at the one’s ease. Applicants are also suggested to visit the UTIITSL website while willing to learn the details especially online status of pan card for the confirmation if the number is allotted or the form had been rejected.

Multiple Tasking: Checking an online pan card status is not only meant for those applying fresh only. The status of new or reprinted card can also be known through such process, so is the case about the corrected ones. The official website makes learning about online status of pan card easy and hassle free too for that the applicant is advised to mention fifteen-digit acknowledgment number. Once the details are put and verified online detailed information is given instantly. The information must be found matching for an applicant to get correct status details without delay.

The website works as multitasking tool if online status of pan card is sought. Getting details of the application status and several other features are clearly known through logging in to the official website. Log in to UTIITSL website for that and get latest information through online pan card status checking option.

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