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Applicants can get information on PAN card status by using many options like searching the pan card status by name or date of birth. Keep under consideration the key factors by using the matching identity and address proofs for easy and instant obtaining of information. Find the pan card status by date of birth which is an easy choice as hassle free option.

Status Checking Procedure: Applicants willing to check pan card status by date of birth are advised to visit Income Tax Department (ITD) website and get the details. It starts with choosing the option and then putting the birth day details thereafter. Once done and okayed then exact status is known whether a PAN card is allotted or not. Likewise if one is desirous of knowing pan card status by name then an initiative should be by putting details rightly without any alteration in spelling.   
Tracking application status through putting transaction number too makes it possible. If one is willing to check pan card status by name then other important details are also necessarily mentioned. It is easy to fill the applicant name besides putting father's name to get exact status of PAN card allotment. Similarly mentioning date of birth and address would do to know the pan card status by date of birth. Once the details are put they are tallied instantly with the one mentioned in records and the exact information is shown instantly. Remain well prepared while filling an application form to simplify the PAN card issuance:-

  • Don’t forget to select the relevant check box on the form to ensure future checking of pan card status by name goes easy
  • Verify communication address carefully as it would be used as additional option for the reference purpose while you make issuance status queries  
  • Often pan card status by date of birth is considered preferred choice for that relevant details should be given  

Most effective and feasible tracking choice is definitely by using the unique 15 digit number that is assigned as acknowledgement number while application is submitted. Even while one gets the pan card status by name this number is an additional support to obtain the details instantly. As date of birth is the key factor it definitely remains a good choice to be used for the tracking purpose.

Checking pan card status by date of birth makes sense as detailed application process is learnt. The allotment of PAN number is therefore known easily through using such options.

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