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Note: Applicant should search for the status of PAN application using Name and Date Of Birth 24 hours after the application has been submitted online or through TIN-FC

Pan Card Status Tracking

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Pan card or elaborately the permanent account number is integral in identifying the identity of an Indian income tax payer. A pan card can be easily applied for in the local pan card office or online as well. The fee for a pan card is very nominal i.e. Rs.94/-

You can apply for a pan card anytime and anywhere in India. The income tax department offering the pan card service also offers a track pancard status service and pancard status check service. You can avail these track pancard status service and pancard status check services any time you have the need to do so. With the track pancard status service you can track for your application for a new pan card with the help of the fifteen digit unique code mentioned on the receipt for the same as the service does pancard status check. Anyway you can only use this track pancard status service three days from the submission of the application. You can even use the track pancard status check service in case there is an urgent requirement to make a change in the spelling or some modification in the address etc. Pancard status check helps you know the in progress stages of your pan card. Pan card is issued by the Government of India descending to Central Board for Direct Taxes further descending to the Income Tax Department. It is only for the Indian citizen whether resident Indian or Nonresident Indian, it is imposed on both. Pan number is a unique combination of numerals and alphabets that is the first five are alphabets next four are numerals and the last is also an alphabet. Nationwide pan follows the same combination as given above. The fourth character of the pan number ought to be from the following as per the case, C — Company, P — Person, H — Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), F — Firm, A — Association of Persons (AOP), T — AOP (Trust), B — Body of Individuals (BOI), L — Local Authority, J — Artificial Juridical Person, G — Govt. The fifth place in the pan number is occupied by the first letter of your sir name.

In the pan cards issued nowadays the date of issue of pan card is mentioned on the right of the photo printed on the pan card. Apply for a pancard status check if it is getting longer than time prescribed to get the pan card.

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